Truk Lagoon 2019

November 16 - 29 2019

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November 16-29th  2019

(13 nights & 12 days of Diving!)



Join Liquid Productions  in partnership with Lust4Rust Diving Excursions in one of the most exciting wreck diving destinations on the Planet. Truk (chuuk) Lagoon is located in the Federated States of Micronesia in the South Pacific. During WWII it was Japans most formidable strongholds and their main base in the South Pacific theater. It served as anchorage for Japans Imperial fleet. In February 1944 American forces attacked Truk “Operation Hailstone” which lasted for 2 days sinking 12 warships, 32 merchant ships and destroying 275 aircraft. Truk is now considered the largest underwater shipwreck  graveyard in the world. Not only are the wrecks intact with cargo holds of planes, trucks, bullets, bombs, bones, machinery, gas masks, torpedos and more!  On the decks there are battle tanks, guns, pom-poms, bridges with intact telegraphs, and inside engine rooms will blow your mind! The exterior of the wrecks are an explosion of color and stunning soft corals and marine life. This is a must for any wreck enthusiast or underwater photographer.

We will be staying at Blue Lagoon Resort  and doing all of our diving with them. Each boat will only hold 4-6 divers. This ensures that there aren’t that many divers on each wreck at one time. This also gives us flexibility as to dive sites during the trip. This also means if you are a hard core CCR diver or a recreational OC diver we can cater to everyone’s experience and runtimes. You are able to choose your own runtime and plan on each dive giving you the ability to get the most out of your trip!

Truk is a remote place and with doing so much decompression diving, long travel days, and doing longer run times after multiple days that most may not be used to there will be a Hyperbaric Physician along for any diving or medical emergencies. There is a chamber and Hospital in Truk. You are required to carry dive insurance / DAN.

We will typically do 2 dives a day. The first leaving around 8:30am to dive a deeper wreck then head back out again around 2pm. Remember we will be diving for 12 days! If you spend the effort to get there it’s nice to really see Truk and get a lot of diving in.

This trip is open to all certification levels from advanced/nitrox single tank divers to trimix OC and Trimix CCR. We will sort you out by certification/experience level on each boat. Many of the wrecks are in just 40-130ft deep.

Trip includes
  • 12 days of diving!
  • 13 nights accommodation rooms based on double occupancy – all rooms are Ocean View, fridge, and en suite.
  • 2- AL 80’s  (with stage rigging already on them)
  • 2 air fills/diluent fills per day (if you are diving twin tanks it is an additonal $7)
  • Weights
  • Underwater Photography / video seminars & work with Becky on wreck imaging techniques. Not a photographer lets do a dive and go home with images of you on some stunning shipwrecks!
Additional Costs 
  • Flight
  • Food (meals average $8-12 each)
  • Rebreather cylinder rental $20 additional per day or $240 for the entire trip.  (Payable to Rust4Lust)
  • Oxygen $O.O6 cents a liter/  Helium  is $0.20 cents a liter)
  • Scrubber (about $300 per keg)
  • Exit fee $40
  • With ever fluctuating rate, changes in price could occur with out warning. (unfortunately unavoidable but I want to be open).





Flights – You will likely want to arrive on Nov 16th and we start diving Nov 17th- Look to Fly out November 30th

Currency – Truk accepts the US dollar, and credit cards.

Electricity – Same as the US 110v

What to wear – The water is warm, a 3mm wetsuit is more than enough! Sunscreen, hat, insect repellant and a raincoat, and drybag are always good additions to bring.

Medical Insurance – DAN Insurance is Mandatory.

Trip dates:

November 16-29th 2019

Contact Becky Schott for more information. A $700 non refundable deposit is needed to reserve your space.  610-364-7850




Video from our Truk Lagoon 2017 Trip!