Great Lakes Technical Wreck Diving Trip 

July 3-10th 2021 (1 spot left) 

Presque Isle, Michigan 

$2830 with credit card or $2750 cash 


Dive the best shipwrecks in the world. Lake Huron has some of the most preserved shipwrecks from different eras including wooden schooners from the 1800’s to steel freighters. Each ship has a unique story and history. Most of them sank due to fog and collision, ice, & violent storms others disappeared without a trace for over a century until divers discovered them. In this area we’ll dive 7 spectacular wrecks. They are preserved and intact in the cold freshwater. Diving them is like visiting an underwater museum and swimming along a piece of history. Artifacts can be seen on every ship and many of the sailing ships still have masts that are standing upright reaching up into 90ft/30m into the water column. You’ll be impressed with the clarity of the water (usually 100ft/30m) and the picturesque wrecks. This is a must for any wreck diver and photographer. We will be on 6 pack boats so we will limit the number of divers on the wreck at a time. This trip is for technical divers that are normoxic CCR Trimix trained.  All of the dives will be 160-200ft / 48-60 meters and proper certification is required.

Dive Facts:

  • Water Temperatures – 39f/4C at depth and typically thermoclines around 60ft/20m and 20ft/6m. Surface temps can be around 60f/15C.
  • Visibility is typically 100ft / 30m
  • There is ambient light at depth but a dive light is still needed
  • Most of the wrecks are 7-12 miles from the marina taking only 30-40min at most to get to.

Trip includes:

  • 7 nights lodging on the Lake,  based on double occupancy. (check in July 3th, check out July 10th)
  • 5 days of wreck diving – 2 tech dives a day (160-200ft / 48-60 meters)
  • Breakfast & Lunches included & lots of boat snacks
  • Included CCR 2liter or 3liter cylinders
  • 2 bailout bottles for the week & drysuit bottle (doesn’t include gas fills if gas is used from the tank)
  • Detailed briefings of each wreck
  • Built in weather days and some of the wrecks are close to shore. If we have any blow out days there are schooners to snorkel in 10ft of water, several lighthouses, great hiking. kayaking, the Thunder Bay Maritime Museum plus lots of yummy ice cream!

Additional costs

  • Travel
  • Fills
  • Sofnolime is available if you’re flying in for $160 per keg
  • Dinners (there is a restaurant next door)



  • Airport –  Detroit Michigan (DTW) – 4 hours away
  • Closest airport but usually more expensive Alpena Michigan (Delta flights only) – 30 minutes away
  • I suggest flying in a day early and staying somewhere in Detroit then transiting up to Presque Isle


We will be on 6 pack boats so we will limit the number of divers on the wreck at a time. Bottom temperatures will be around 39F / 4C and a thermocline will give us a 60F/17C for decompression. Just to give you an idea most of our dives have been 25-0 minute bottom times with 30-50min of decompression. I highly suggest doing some cold water work up dives beforehand and making sure you come with a dry drysuit and drygloves. A Light Monkey Heater Base shirt is really helpful too. Dress right and enjoy the dives even more! 

Contact Becky Schott for more information.
 To Reserve your spot with a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. – 610-364-7850 –
(Proper certification (CCR normoxic trimix) is required for these dives and will be checked)