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The Divesoft Liberty Sidemount Rebreather (CCR) is a well made rebreather for cave diving, wreck diving, or for those looking for a bailout rebreather. The unit is self contained which means it clips on similar to an AL80 and has its own 2L (15cf) Oxygen cylinder and Diluent cylinder which means there is no fuss with plugging in additional offboard hoses. The frame is exceptional and is well thought out. The entire unit with the short canister stands just a little taller than an AL80. It’s neutral in the water and balances out nicely. The counter lung has a small water trap and dump valve to expel water. The DSV has a great design with the manual O2 and Dil valves right on the DSV which makes them easy to find and very clean. The unit comes with a 5.5lb radial scrubber and they offer a short canister that I highly recommend.  The head has 2 solenoids that alternate, 4 oxygen sensors and 2 helium sensors along with rechargeable batteries. The handset(s) are small and the software is sophisticated yet easy to learn. The whole unit in a pelican air case without tanks weights 50lbs which is easy for travel!


To read more about the Liberty Sidemount Rebreather please go to the DIVESOFT website and check out the options and configurations. If you’d like to read more in depth they also have their manuals available for download. (See Manuals)   A complete unit is priced at $9750 as of Oct 1st and can also be easily converted into a back mount rebreather or from back mount into sidemount. The conversion kit is $4799 . There are alot of accessories offered as well. To browse those  go to the DIVESOFT WEBSITE HERE.


TDI Instruction Becky Schott  –  We are also DIVESOFT dealers for other products including analyzers, computers and the Liberty Sidemount Rebreather.

Check out this blog Becky wrote about the Liberty and silent sidemounting!







Prerequisites for the course are:

  • Experienced diver (100+ dives)
  • OW Sidemount Certification 
  • Nitrox Certification 
  • Be proficient in all basic diving skills 
  • Proof of dive certifications and log book required 

TDI Air Diluent Sidemount CCR Course Description 

  • Academic time :  8+ hours 
  • Confined water & Open Water Training & 420+ minutes of open water dive time. 
  • Qualifications of graduates: The objective is to be able to comfortably operate the rebreather and dive safely to 100 feet/30msw using air diluent with an operating PO2 of 1.3 ata.
  • Safety and building your confidence on CCR is our first priority, Diving is fun and we’ll make sure we have some of that during class too! 



Cost  $2700    (2 student minimum)

  • Cost does not include your expenses such as O2, Sorb, Site entry fees, or lodging. 
  • Instructor expenses will be split between all students at the end of the class
  • Becky would be happy to travel to your area for training.  Please contact us to discuss options. 

Note: This class does not just cover the minimum information you need to know and minimum standards. My training course runs 6 days long which is longer than standard 5 day CCR courses. I have developed a study guide for my students that I will give you once i’ve received the course deposit. There will also be a training packet of paperwork and manuals to start studying!


Crossovers – If you’re already trained on the Divesoft Liberty backmount unit then I can do a crossover to the Liberty sidemount unit which will take a minimum of 3 days. If you’re Trained on another backmount unit and want to crossover the whole course is highly encouraged, plus it’s fun to dive more!  Contact me with questions: