Explore North America’s Great Lakes Wrecks

June 17-24th 2018 - Port Austin, Michigan

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Explore North America’s Great Lakes Wrecks

June 17 – June 24, 2018 — Full

June 25 – July 2, 2018 — FULL – Contact Becky!

Port Austin, Michigan – USA

Join us on this exclusive trip to dive some of the most incredible shipwrecks in the world in in Lake Huron. There are very few divers that visit these wrecks yearly and they are some of the most preserved gems in the Great Lakes. This trip is “expedition” like because we are bringing in our own compressors and gas, boats, and shooting images the wrecks in a way no one has seen before. We’ll be diving ships that pre-date the Civil War from 1854 (the pristine Side Wheel Steamer DETROIT) to steel freighter SS DANIEL J. MORRELL that ripped in half in 25+ft seas in a violent November storm in 1966 leaving only one survivor out of a crew of 29. The Bow sank quickly in 170ft of water and the stern motored away another 5 miles before sinking in 210ft.  The wrecks all have stories of tragedy, some of heroism and powerful stories of survival.  Visiting them is like diving in a time capsule and immersing yourself into American History.  This is a must for any wreck diver and photographer. We will be on 6 pack boats so we will limit the number of divers on the wreck at a time. This expedition is for tech divers that are CCR / Trimix trained or OC/ normoxic certified. All of the dives will be 160-210ft / 48-63 meters. Water temps on the bottom are 39f/4C to around 55F/13C around 20ft where most deco is done.

Other intact wrecks we could visit are the CITY OF DETROIT, GOV SMITH, PHILADELPHIA or the TWIN FERRIES and many more possibilities in this area. We could honestly spend the whole time exploring the MORRELL as there’s so much to see just on that site.  The wrecks are intact in the cold freshwater deep depths. Artifacts can be seen on the decks, and unique examples of different types of ships from every era . The area is quite exposed on the “Thumb” of Michigan which is why there are so many shipwrecks. Port Austin is a small town with great restaurants, Point Aux Barques lighthouse, quaint shipwreck museums & Great Lakes Artist Robert McGreevy.

Trip Includes
  • 7 nights lodging in newly remodeled cabins at the Marina (double occupancy but each person has a room) (check in on June 17th check out on 24th) or trip 2 (June 25 check out July 2nd)
  • Cabins all have small kitchen, fridge, AC, towels.
  • 5 days of wreck diving – 2 tech dives a day (160-210ft / 48-63 meters)
  • 2 or 3L CCR cylinders included
  • Reserved weather day built in
  • All Lunches & snacks included
  • Some of the wrecks we will be diving include the Daniel J. Morrell Bow and Stern, Sidewheel steamer Detroit, City of Detroit, Governor Smith.
  • Detailed briefings of each wreck
  • Underwater Photography seminar and one on one assistance included
  • We’ll visit the Point Aux Barques lighthouse and visit Great Lakes Artist Robert McGreevy’s studio!
  • Fills – Trimix and O2 fills (we will have a compressor O2 and a booster and trimix)
  • Bailout tanks are available for rent (AL-40’s, 80’s, and steel 50’s) Double 100’s also available for OC divers
  • Sorb – Molecular products sofnolime can be brought there for you, standard price applies at time
  • Any meals we eat out (There are fridges at the hotel, we typically grill and cook group dinners and go to  the FARM RESTAURANT 
  • Closest Airport – Detroit Michigan (DTW) – 2.5 hours away
  • I suggest flying in a day early and staying somewhere in Detroit then transiting up to Port Austin on June 17th
Contact Becky Schott for more information.
 To Reserve your spot with a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.
Becky@LiquidProductions.com – 610-364-7850   LiquidProductions.com – MegDiver.com