Northeast Required Equipment

Northeast Required Equipment 2017-10-13T14:02:54+00:00

 Please bring the following equipment or we can help arrange rental.

  1. Note book, writing utensil, calculator.
  2. Drysuit or appropriate thermal protection for environment (we do 60 min dives)
  3. Drysuit underwear for 10 C (50 F)
  4. Dry gloves or wet suit gloves, and hood
  5. Mask and fins
  6. Back plate & wing system unless buying one with your unit or renting.
  7. Weight belt system but no weights. Integrated or weight belt pouch system is recommended.
  8. Computer for fixed PPO2 (CCR set point) or Nitrox computer.
  9. 1 bail out bottle (40cf /7liter cylinder cleaned for oxygen and current hydro and visual.
  10. One bailout regulator for bailout with 2 meter (5 ft) second stage hose.
  11. SMB & reel
  12. Dive Light (depending on environment)
  13. Cutting tool: Shears or small knife.
  14. Bring some extra bungee and stainless clips
  15. Log book and highest certification card and medical certs if appropriate and pass port.
  16. No tools are necessary we have everything here.
  17. Consumables such as scrubber, oxygen, air filled (contact me if you need assistance with scrubber material).