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TDI Mixed Gas Closed Circuit Rebreather – Megalodon / Meg15 /  Tibruon  

This is the intermediate level certification course for divers wishing to utilize a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) for mixed gas diving. The objective of the course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for mixed gas diving on the unit specific CCR, utilizing a mixed gas diluent containing 16 percent or greater oxygen, and to develop intermediate CCR diving skills appropriate to technical diving to a maximum depth of 60 metres / 200 feet.


Prerequisites for the course are:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Provide a log of 50-75+ hours on unit. The more hours the better! 
  • Be proficient in all basic diving skills and Meg specific drills.
  • Have completed and qualified the TDI Air Diluent Decompression Procedures Rebreather or TDI CCR Helitrox Diluent Decompression Procedures Diver or equivalent from agencies recognized 
  • Be proficient in using 2 bailout bottles or at least 1 AL80 in the past
  • Be prepared to use your Shearwater or Liquivision computer. KNOW IT / Read manual. 
  • Be proficient in buoyancy and holding 30ft / 20ft /10ft stops
  • Proof of dive certifications and log book required  


If the diver has 50 hours on another CCR unit recognized by TDI, only 25 hours/25 dives are required to be on the specific unit. If completing a unit crossover, provide proof of at least 10 logged CCR dives in the last 12 months.


If a student already qualified as TDI Mixed Gas Diluent CCR Diver or equivalent from agencies recognized by TDI and wishes to qualify on another CCR recognized by TDI, the student must meet all crossover requirements for Air Diluent Deco or Helitrox Deco CCR and follow all unit specific mixed gas diluent course standards with the exception of

a. Minimum of 120 minutes open water training to be completed over a minimum of 2 dives to a maximum of 60 metres / 200 feet.

b. Must demonstrate proficiency in all required skills at the Mixed Gas diluent level

Course Description 

  • Academic time :  6+ hours
  • 360 min dive time minutes open water training to be completed over a minimum of 6 dives including 1 equipment configuration and drills practice air diluent dive to a maximum 40 metres / 130 feet 2. All subsequent dives to build incrementally in no greater than 10 metres / 33 feet steps
  •  A minimum of 5 dives must be conducted on mixed gas diluent.
  • All mixed gas dives are to be deeper than 40 metres / 130 feet, utilizing a mixed gas diluent containing 16 percent or greater oxygen, to a maximum depth of 60 metres/200 feet
  • A minimum of four dives must be decompression dives
  •  In addition to meeting the course prerequisites, if the student is also qualified as a TDI Mixed Gas CCR Diver (any unit) or equivalent from agencies recognized by TDI then a minimum of 240 minutes open water training is required over a minimum of 4 mixed gas decompression dives to build incrementally in no greater than 15 metres / 50 feet steps.

Additional Information 

  • Review and practice your basic meg skills and drills before this class (dil flush, flood drill, bailout, BOOM drills, O2 flush, loop recoveries, failure modes, SMB deployment, manual mode, ect)
  • If the class is done in a drysuit then make sure you show up with a “dry” drysuit and know how to use it. 
  • Review Daltons T formula for best mix, MOD, TOD, PO2, Fg, and know how to convert depth into Atmospheres
  • If you are unsure about anything please email me with questions and I will send  out worksheets to study ahead of time.
  • Set yourself up for success and come prepared! 

Cost  $2500    (2 student minimum and 3 students max)

  • Cost does not include your expenses such as O2, Sorb, Site entry fees, charters or lodging. 
  • Instructor expenses will be split between all students at end of course. 
  • I’m happy to travel to your area for training.  Please contact us to discuss options.