$9995 USD – Complete Meg comes with shearwater DiveCAN electronics head with petrel 2 handset and HUD, calibration kit, 5.5lb radial scrubber,  your choice of canister (mini or cave) shadow mount brackets for tanks, steel 3 liter tanks, Apeks DS4 first stages and hose kits, SPG’s in PSI or BAR, 2lb stainless backplate and harness, over the shoulder counter lungs, and DSV loop.

$920 for BOV (Bail Out Valve)  & hose kit

$140  for Minnow Counter Lung upgrade

$1750 –  Nerd 2 with connector

$350 Shearwater Wireless Transmitter (each)

$6000 – Shearwater Head only with Petrel 2 handset, HUD, and Calibration kit.

ONLINE STORE – Please visit our online store if you’re looking for any other accessories including backplates, wings, ect…

Photos of the new Innerspace Systems Corp Tiburon head with Shearwater Electronics. 



The HUD 

The HUD is powered by the secondary electronics side of the head which has it’s own independent AA or SAFT battery for power. The HUD is a monitoring system independent from the primary petrel 2 handset which is on the primary network. If the handset failed then the diver will have the HUD to monitor PPO2 and conclude the dive. On the Tiburon the diver can also replace the HUD with a Shearwater NERD 2.


•PPO2 display from 3 oxygen sensors.

 -Modified Smither’s code blink pattern.

• Bright light emitting diodes with vibrant colors.

• Color-blind blink pattern (optional setting).

Wet contacts for automatic turn-on.

• Option to flip orientation – can be positioned on either side of the rebreather


• DiveCAN® communications interface for robust data transmission and easy

upgrades, disassembly and repairs.

• Bright red end-cap LED for buddy warnings.

• Automatic brightness control optimizes viewing in all conditions.

• Red color only used for unsafe PPO2 warnings.


Tiburon Head Features 


  • Full decompression system for multi-stage mixed gas decompression diving.
  • SHEARWATER DiveCAN® Rebreather Controller circuitry.
  • Two independent and powered network systems for redundancy.
  • Depth, time and 3 oxygen sensor display.
  • 3 sensor voting logic and Voting failed consensus solenoid deactivation.
  • Voting failed decompression default. Decompression is calculated by lowest PO2 displayed by one of 3 sensors.
  • Multiple battery power supply options: 1.5V Alkaline, 1.5V Photo Lithium, 1.2V NiMH, 3.6V Saft, and 3.7V Li-Ion for controlling handset.
  • Independently powered oxygen injection system. Will run independently of handset controller. Power supply is one or two 9V batteries.
  • ISC User replaceable modular electronic circuit component system.
  • Shearwater DiveCAN® connectors rated for 2000fsw(606msw).
  • Bluetooth® downloadable and upgradable.
  • Full logging feature. Bluetooth compatible devices may access logs.
  • Single gas calibration. (100% Oxygen) with gas saver manifold.
  • Automatic altitude calibration and fixed sea level 1013mb pressure option.
  • Shearwater DiveCAN® Mechanical button HUD and Shearwater NERD compatible.
  • Buhlman ZHL-16C with adjustable Gradient factors.
  • Optional VPM-B decompression model.
  • Any air, nitrogen, and helium mix may be used.
  • Full mixed gas bailout system.
  • 5 CCR diluent gas selectable with override.
  • O/C bailout 5 gas selectable with override.
  • CCR dive planning feature.
  • O/C bailout planning feature.
  • Tilt compensated integrated compass in Handset with user calibration.
  • Dive physiology data for CNS%.
  • Last stop selection.
  • Ascent rate indicator.
  • Imperial and metric measurement option.
  • Automatic off after 15 minutes on the surface.
  • Depth sensor rating for 450fsw(140msw).
  • Advanced Menu option for that adapts to diving status.
  • No computer lockout for violations.
  • Automatic configurable set point switching.
  • User configurable set point low and high settings.
  • 1000 hour logging.
  • Future device upgrade options.


Shearwater Nerd 2 


  • Replaces Shearwater HUD on the Tiburon
  • Digital DiveCan
  • The ultimate head’s up display
  • Air, nitrox, & trimix decompression computer.
  • 3 cell monitoring
  • AI, works with air integrated transmitters to monitor diluent and O2 gas supplies (transmitter sold separately)
  • Rechargeable

For more info on the Shearwater Nerd 2 visit their website HERE 



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