SDI / TDI Instructors are proven cutting edge diving educators that have proven themselves in the field and industry. As an authorized Innerspace Systeems Corperation (ISC) Instructor, Becky is dedicated to provide high quality training, and mentor students in Technical diving specialties.

ISC has only a limited number of instructors world wide and continues to groom and recruit instructors with proven reputation and positive business practices.ISC continues to evaluate its current instructors for the quality stated above and those not maintaining the stated standards are moved to the inactive instructor status, or removed entirely from any instructor status. Why am I telling you this? So you know that Becky is an active diver and Instructor that’s knowledgable about the skills she’s teaching you. It’s important to choose the right rebreather for the diving you do and do the research on your future instructor.

Why train with Becky? She’s a hard core technical diver that uses all types of diving configurations to perform her job as a professional underwater videographer. Failure is not an option in her line of work and doing real world dives in caves or on deep shipwrecks is not only difficult but takes a great deal of skill. Come learn with her and continue your diving education to see more amazing underwater environments!