Antarctica 2018

February 19 - March 3rd 2018 

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Dive Trip to Antarctica

February 19 – March 3rd 2018 

Becky is honored to be joining this adventure and there are spots still open if you’d like to join too! This is a dream destination and a must on any photographers wish list! Oh did I mention this is a dive trip so 1-2 dives daily with opportunities to see leopard seals, penguins, and lots of ice bergs! Along the way we’ll probably encounter whales, birds and other species of marine life. Follow the link below for more information on this adventure of a lifetime! There is nothing more mind blowing than the polar regions of our planet. I couldn’t be more excited to be joining this incredible trip.  – Becky

For more information on this incredible adventure follow this link.


Join Faith Ortins, Dan Orr, and Becky Kagan Schott and polar specialists on a truly remarkable educational diving oriented expedition to Antarctica.

We embark in Ushuaia, Argentina and sail through the Drake Passage directly to Antarctica. Along the way we will encounter Humpback and Minke whales all while learning about medical and diving issues unique to the polar region. We will tour glaciers and icebergs on zodiac cruises and set foot on the Antarctic Continent in a magnificent landscape surrounded by alpine peaks and huge glaciers calving at sea level. For divers, this is an opportunity to swim with penguins and leopard seals as well as the unique invertebrate life of Antarctica. And don’t forget claiming your own iceberg! Your adventure will include seminars on photography by world famous underwater videographer Becky Kagan Schott, and diving medicine seminars by Dan Orr. Dan is a published author of numerous books, training programs and is the former president of DAN. This is in addition to all the other marine science and other educational programs on the ship.