becky phantom bio shot

For 24 years diving has been my passion. Every year I find a way to continue my diving education and use those skills to dive new amazing places on our planet! When I got into diving I never dreamed I’d someday be a Technical Scuba Instructor, but as I my passion for diving grew so did my thirst for knowledge. At age 16 I found myself getting into cave diving. I grew up in Florida and the caves were right in my backyard, not only did I enjoy the peaceful caves but also the thought and planning that went into the dives. A few years later I wanted to dive deeper cave systems and found myself taking Tri-mix courses and discovering a new obsession for deep shipwrecks. I became a NAUI Scuba Instructor in 2000 and enjoyed introducing others to diving for 10 years. By 2006 I felt like I was maxing out my limits on Open Circuit scuba and I wanted to be able to spend more time photographing marine life. I had a great opportunity to become certified on a rebreather for a TV show I was shooting. I quickly fell in love with this new tool and it began to open up a whole new world of diving.


I’ve logged thousands of hours on my Megalodon rebreather, diving it all over the globe from the Caribbean to over 320feet/100m in 34F/-1C water in the Great Lakes and most recently filming in over 400ft of water in Belize.  I’ve used it on over a dozen hard-core expeditions in remote countries, and it’s never failed me. This is important because not only does my life depend on the equipment I’m using but so does my livelihood as an Underwater Cameraman. Some of the more well known places I’ve used my Megalodon Rebreather is the filming of Eagles Nest Cave in Florida for over an hour at a depth of 300 feet, the wreck of the U-869 off of New Jersey, The USS Monitor in North Carolina, 5 hour long cave dives in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Mexico, deep, cold water wrecks such as the Gunilda and Kamloops in Lake Superior, along with exploring virgin wrecks in the Great Lakes and Japan.

I wanted to become a Rebreather Instructor for several reasons.  I love teaching and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I also really believe in the Megaladon and with rebreathers becoming more popular I see a need for quality instruction on quality units.  The Megalodon is well built, durable, and reliable units out there. I only teach the Tiburon, Megaladon  because that’s what I’m diving all the time on real world dives. There are a lot of instructors that only teach, and I’m not one of them. I think it’s important for you to know this about me, and when you’re researching instructors to take classes from. I want my course to prepare you for real world diving and for you to be safe and confident on your future adventures.

I am an Emmy Award winning underwater cinematographer, photographer, and technical scuba Instructor. I am also the co-owner of Liquid Productions, shooting both above and below the surface, specializing in bringing back video from challenging aquatic environments including caves, deep wrecks, and marine wildlife. I’ve repelled into caves in Mexico, filmed under ice in the Bering Sea, and dove cage-less with Great White Sharks. My ability to dive in extreme environments has earned me a good reputation for bringing back high quality images. My work can be seen on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, RED BULL,  and many other well-known networks. I also write for several Dive magazines here in the USA and Internationally. As a sought after speaker you can see me present on my photography/art and adventures at conferences all over the globe. Most notably i’ve presented at EuroTek, OzTek, TekDiveUSA, ADEX Singapore, Beneath the Sea, Sea Rovers Film Festival, BalticTech, and many other shows in the United States and Europe.  I am a Fellow in the Explorers Club, and in March 2013 was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame. For more of my work