We are happy to continue your scuba diving education or help you begin the journey into Technical Diving. We offer a variety of training courses from Scuba Diving International & Technical Diving International (TDI)  

Technical Diving Courses

If you are interested in going deeper, staying longer, and expanding your skills then talk with us about what the next step in your diving education could be. We offer a variety of courses from Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Intro to Technical Diving, Drysuit, Full Face Mask, Underwater Photography & Rebreather training through Trimix CCR.



Not only do we want to teach we want to go diving, that’s the fun part right! Becky organizes a handful of trips a year from recreational to technical diving locations. These trips give us goals to work up to,  hone skills, and most of all have fun! In 2017 we have several exciting destinations set up.  First we head to British Columbia to dive with Sea Lions, walls and wrecks, Then in July some of the best wrecks in the Great Lakes, and in November WWII wrecks in the warm waters of Truk Lagoon!

ISC Megalodon and Pathfinder Closed Circuit Rebreather Training & Sales

Becky Kagan Schott of Liquid Productions has been diving for over 20 years and teaching for 15 of them. She’s used the Megalodon CCR for over eight years on a variety of film projects to exploration projects around the world.  The Meg has proven to be the most robust and well tested rebreather for both work and play.  While there are many rebreathers on the market today, none have been through the testing and real-world experience as the Megalodon.

We only train and dive on the Megaladon & Pathfinder Rebreathers. We also have high standards and quality of training that goes along with becoming a Meg diver!  Our classes are one day longer than the minimum requirements. We want you to feel confident and be safe when you graduate. We are also available to you for before and after the class finishes for questions. Once you become a Meg Diver you’re part of the family.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email us at anytime.  We will be happy to discuss the ISC Megalodon and Pathfinder with you!

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Can your rebreather do this?

Ours Can!